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This is pure whiteboard animation. Basic timelapse photography edited in after effects to the beats of Suli Breaks

Explainer video for my Patreon page. I can do the same thing for you of course. :-)

This is fake whiteboard art. But effective we think. :-)

We have a studio and rig to do whiteboard animation. It can be simple and real, or we can add special effects and animation. It's up to you!

A little special effects film, with animation. The work is all drawn on the board an manipulated in after effects. Silly fun.

A little poem about a racist bigot who wants to wall in his population.

Again this film is special effects. The artwork is generated on the whiteboard but revealed using masks. It's easier to animate that way. The had is then filmed separately drawing the outline of the art and composited in after effects.

Whiteboard Animation